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I was in a room full of other sex toy salespeople, at the sex shop where I used to work, when we first heard about the We-Vibe Ditto. At that time, it was a new development and being kept hush-hush – but the room erupted in excited exclamations. “Yes!!” the common sentiment went. “We-Vibe is finally making a butt plug!”. Careful browsing tumblr, you might end up getting your mind zapped, blanked, hypnotized into masturbating and groping yourself on a webcam and sending the file to your new master. Unless you're into that. bimbo-in-training. Daddy's fault. All of it, especially the edging groping and doing it on cam. Hehe. Source: lewd-zko. I've gotten a lot of messages about my hollow butt plug, so here it is in all of it's glory!!!! Can you buy it? No, my hubby had is custom made for me. It's inches in diameter and fits me nicely. Now when I get a enema with it, we use our normal enema bag setup and just use a hose adapter and plug it in.

Do you have sick Fantasies about Ville Valo? If the answer is yes, then You've clicked on the right blog. R and XXX content related to Ville is posted daily. Feel free to submit your dirtiest. I go to class a couple times a week with my pink butt plug in. Sometimes I go to the bathroom and fuck myself with it. I'm secretly hoping that. Butt Plug Insertion Site · submit a post · rss · archive · 1 month ago · 30 notes · 1 month ago · 11 notes · 1 month ago · 2 notes · 1 month ago · 7 notes · 1 month ago · 17 notes · 2 months ago · 36 notes. (via sexylittlefoxpup). 6 months ago · notes · lost-lil-kitty: Perfect fit (x). (via sexylittlefoxpup). Source: lost-lil-kitty.

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